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The Boardwalk Jasmyn K.
The boards cracked and creaked Sending shivers of happiness down my spine. I felt at home.
Mixed scents of funnel cake, fudge and salty sea water Whirled around the wild, screaming children. Their faces shined in content.
Their faces glittered in the bright lights of the rides.

Deep breath, but my racing heart doesn’t slow. Joy, excitement, and a strange sense of safety fill me. Suddenly, I’m six years old again.
We went to the rollercoaster. Thrill and fear. More fear.
Safely trapped in the seatbelt,
I wished I could stay there Where I wanted to be Where the sun warmed the waving wooden boards endlessly… Then the rollercoaster plunged down.

St. Thomas Jasa O.
I’m sitting on a bus overflowing with people
With hot tropical breezes blowing through the open windows.
I notice green iguanas resting in the trees, staring at us as we drive by.
The smell of saltwater slowly fills in the air.

Arriving at the beach, I feel the rough, blistering sand underneath my feet.
The scorching sun makes the sand look as white as snow.
The calming sound of waves reaching the beach is especially pleasing to my ears.
The fronds of the palm trees rustle
As the gentle Caribbean breeze blows through them.
The ocean water shimmers like a mirage in the distance.

I head into the turquoise water looking for fish.
Fish of all shapes, colors, and sizes dart between the seaweed and rocks.
The sea urchins slowly move about the rocks
Waiting for an unlucky person to step on their poisonous spikes.

The taste of the saltwater still lingers in my mouth as I go back to shore.
I watch the sun slowly sink down towards the horizon
Leaving the sky with an orange and purple glow to it.
Waiting for the bus to pick us up, I drink a delicious mango smoothie
Thankfully relieving the repulsive taste of saltwater.
The old run-down bus arrives and everyone quietly climbs on board.
Off in the distance I hear the distinctive beat
Of a steel drum band.

I’m sitting on a bus overflowing with people
With hot tropical breezes blowing through the open windows
As the bus slowly departs from the beautiful secluded beach.

Kiawah Gabriella R.
Lying on my rainbow-colored towel in the blazing heat with the sun above me. The white sandy beach is under me. Tall green palm trees blow in the wind.
Children splash in the ocean as loud as the rumbling motorboats racing by.
My sweet, cold virgin pina cola takes a leap into my mouth to cool me down.
Wild sea gulls squeal loudly as they capture food.
Calm ocean waves brush ashore. Slowly flowing, soft sea breeze blows in my direction. Walking through the hot sand I feel the rough pebbles and the sharp seashells under my feet.
At the ocean’s edge, the smell of the fishy salty water fills the air. Freezing water and slimy seaweed rub up against my feet. Going under, I taste the salty ocean.
Dinnertime comes. I smell the fresh fish out of the oven. It is delicious and melts in my mouth.
The nights are dark and cool. Crickets’ high-pitched chirping breaks the darkness.
The streets are peacful and empty