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The Day That Changed America
by Taylor D.

We’re all in the schoolyard playing our game,
then the principal calls everyone in and says no one is to blame.
We are all in the classroom and rumors are flying.
No one knows what’s wrong, but we see the teachers crying.
Finally the bell rings.

On the ride home I couldn’t hear a peep.
I could tell something was wrong by all the empty blue seats.
When I got home my mom called me into the room with the big black TV.
I just sat there watching, asking myself, “Could it be?”
What the heck is happening?
All I see is fire and people falling through the air with their limbs flapping.

The gray buildings’ windows are all shattered,
and the gaping black hole where the plane entered is beaten and battered.
People screaming at the top of their lungs.
I wonder if those terrorists are proud.
You could hear people’s lives being shattered.
That day you certainly did not hear any little kid’s laughter.

I turn to my mom, and she starts to tear up.
I bet you that night everyone raised their cup in a toast for the dead.
That is enough said.
When that day occurred people thought there were only two planes,
but that all changed when people saw flight 93 getting pulled out of the ground on TV.
By big yellow cranes.

Now when I look back I wonder how I could have been so naive.
Wasting my time playing video games that eve.
I will never forget that day; you just heard what I had to say.